Twelve Journalists Recognized As 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Award Winners  

Twelve Journalists Recognized As 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Award Winners  

December 12, 2023 – The climate crisis is not a single looming phenomenon but a cascade of complex, interlocking relationships between human beings’ social and practical needs and the physical realities of a vast planet. Journalism that makes those connections explicit is a vital public good, a necessary volume of knowledge for all efforts to end the dangers to our world. The 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards honor twelve brave and resourceful people whose investigations and reporting elevate the public discourse.

Our twelve honorees this year are all first-time SEAL Award winners: Tony Briscoe of the Los Angeles Times, Anton Delgado of the Southeast Asia Globe, Darryl Fears of the Washington Post, Rachel Frazin of the Hill, Joydeep Gupta of the Third Pole, Hans Nicholas Jong and Maxwell Radwin of Mongabay, freelance journalist Lois Farrow Parshley, Emily Pontecorvo of Heatmap, freelance journalist Saqib Rahim, Sabrina Shankman of the Boston Globe, and Kate Yoder of Grist.

In particular, we celebrate Kate Yoder’s contributions, which tackle every climate issue from the macrocosmic (the link between environmental disasters and the collapse of civilizations) to the most local of concerns (the impacts of how we cook, garden, even how we schedule playdates for our kids). As the subtitle of one of her articles says, “Global warming moved from the North Pole to your backyard.” Of particular note were her articles on the topics of corporate green hushing, and the touchpoints where the climate crisis is (and can be) fought in the courts. 

Also noteworthy among this year’s awardees are two outstanding freelance journalists, Saqib Rahim and Lois Farrow Parshley. Independent writers and investigators have been key contributors to the news since the earliest periodicals of the 16th century, and SEAL Awards recognizes Parshley and Rahim for excellence of work across a range of platforms.

“Environmental journalists take risks with their careers and their lives to bring difficult news to light,” said Safa Bee, Impact Lead for SEAL Awards, “and those risks are compounded for freelancers. While there is nothing new about significant corporate and political pressure applied to maintain the status quo, we are now living in a flashpoint moment when this pressure is not only at odds with the common good but may spell its demise. The journalists we’ve chosen to celebrate with a SEAL Award represent the vanguard of a global effort to speak truth, motivating positive change in defense of our shared future.” 

Winners were selected based on a review of each journalist’s work, data-driven analysis of the impact and reach of their articles, and consideration for writers who are bringing fresh perspectives and social relevance to environmental issues. SEAL Awards endeavors to address the planetary extent of the climate crisis by drawing candidates from news organizations everywhere in the world, expanding the circle of platforms searched each successive year.


– Tony Briscoe – Los Angeles Times@_TonyBriscoe

– Anton Delgado – Southeast Asia Globe@AntonDelgado

– Darryl Fears – Washington Post@byDarrylFears

– Rachel Frazin – The Hill – @RachelFrazin

– Joydeep Gupta – The Third Pole – @JoydeepGupta

– Hans Nicholas Jong – Mongabay – @Hans_Nich

– Lois Farrow Parshley – Freelance@LoisParshley

– Emily Pontecorvo – Heatmap News – @EmilyPont

– Maxwell Radwin – Mongabay – @MaxRadwin

– Saqib Rahim – Freelance – @SaqibSansU

– Sabrina Shankman – The Boston Globe – @Shankman

– Kate Yoder – Grist – @KateMYoder


Question: How Do I Apply For A SEAL Environmental Journalism Award?

Answer: Given our ambition to recognize the top twelve journalists globally, the SEAL Environmental Journalism Award is conducted without an application or submission process. Instead, the SEAL panel considers ALL journalists covering environmental topics – this is possible through our year-round content curation program (chaired by Safa Bee) where we seek to amplify on exemplary work on our @SEALAwards Twitter feed. However, we do accept public nominations through this form.

Question: How Do I Nominate My Favorite Journalist For A SEAL Environmental Journalism Award?

Answer: We do accept nominations through this form.

Question: I Am Not A Traditional Journalist – Instead I Produce a Podcast and/or Video Series – Am I Eligible For A SEAL Award?

Answer: Potentially. We understand the media environment is constantly changing. SEAL would also like to celebrate those elevating public awareness on environmental issues, regardless of medium. As such, we will increasingly consider non-written forms of environmental coverage in our award process.

Question: I Care Passionately About The Environment. How Can I Help Support These Environmental Journalists?

Answer: The best way to support environmental journalists is to support their organization, either through a subscription or a donation. Secondarily, supporting their works on social media – whether shares on Facebook or retweets on Twitter – can help amplify their message and show their editors/organizations this content is valued.


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