ESG Leaders Recognized At 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

ESG Leaders Recognized At 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards

May 7, 2024SEAL Awards today announced the winners of the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards, honoring their leadership, innovation, and commitment to sustainable business practices.

2024 SEAL Sustainability Award honorees ranged from well-recognized brands (like Disney, Lenovo, doTERRA, Sephora, Gotham Greens, EPAM Systems, Microsoft and Dow) to high-growth start-ups and scale-ups (like Beewise, Enervee, and FloWater).

“Integration and Impact are the watchwords of the 2024 SEAL Sustainability Awards. This year, we’ve seen an impressive synthesis of technology, design, and innovation combined to drive sustainable impact,” commented Matt Harney, Chairperson and Founder of SEAL Awards. “Alongside the critical need for organizations to dedicate real investment and human capital into ESG, the holistic approach of these award winners is imperative to keep driving progress.”


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The event featured four distinct sustainability award categories:

SEAL Environmental Initiative Award

This award honors specific environmental and sustainability initiatives.  

The Environmental Initiative winners were:

    • Accor – Sustainable guest amenities lines
    • Accor – School for Change
  • Allegion
    • Technical Glass Products (TGP) – Glass Recycling
  • Allegion
    • Allegion Distribution – Reduced Cargo Shipments
  • Ameresco
    • Kūpono Solar Project
  • Ansell
  • Aramco
    • Greening the Future: Initiatives in Manifa’s Enviromental Journey
  • Arcadyan Technology Corporation
    • Advocacy Net Zero Non-Conflict, Non-Toxic Products Made with Sustainable
    • Low Carbon Strategies and Environment management Toward Nature Positive
  • Bioenergy Devco
    • Bioenergy Devco Maryland Bioenergy Center Jessup, MD
  • British Airways
    • Advancing Onboard Recycling
  • Cargill Türkiye
    • Cargill Türkiye – 1000 Farmers Endless Prosperity Program
  • CyrusOne
    • CyrusOne’s Net Positive Water Data Centers
  • Disneyland Resort
    • Disneyland Resort Sustainable Foods
  • DP World
    • Zero Landfill project (DP World Santos)
  • Edifecs
    • Edifecs IT Optimization Program
  • Flor de Caña
    • Flor de Caña Rum
  • Flowspace
    • Flowspace
  • Fresh Del Monte
    • The Juntos Project – Fresh Del Monte & GIZ
  • Generate Capital
    • Generate Capital and Blue Bird
  • Gotham Greens
    • Gotham Greens – The Future of Farming
  • Hochschild Mining PLC
    • ECO Score
  • Humanscale
    • Humanscale Ocean Collection
  • Ingersoll Rand
    • Ingersoll Rand – Global Green Excellence program driving environmental change
  • JDL Global
    • Wuning Wastewater Treatment Project
  • Lenovo
    • Transform Trash to Treasure
  • Mast Reforestation
    • Sheep Creek Restoration Project
    • Using granular data to significantly reduce supply chain logistics emissions
  • Motorola Wuhan Mobile Communication Technology Company
    • Motorola Wuhan Mobile Communication & Technology Company Reduces E-Waste through Lifecycle Extension
  • Packsize
    • Packsize
    • ASHGHAL Buildings Projects Department (BPD) – Environmental Initiatives 
  • Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’
    • Using Recycled Materials in Construction: Ashghal’s Roadmap in Achieving Sustainability
  • Qualcomm
    • Replacing Natural Gas Powered Cogeneration Plants with Renewable Energy
  • Resideo
    • Delivering Results: How Customer Insights Led to More Sustainable Shipping from Resideo
  • Reynolds American Inc.
    • Advanced Water Recycling Facility at Reynolds’ Tobaccoville, N.C. Plant
  • Sappi North America
    • SFI Forest Management and Fiber Sourcing Standards
  • Saudi Aramco
    • OSPAS Avoidance of CO2 Emissions through Crude Burning Displacement by Gas
  • Saudi Aramco – Northern Area Well Completion Operations Dept.
    • Offshore Waste Fluid Tank Flushing Systems
  • Saudi Aramco Jubail Producing Department
    • Jubail Producing Department Circular and Sustainable Decarbonization, Biodiversity Initiatives
  • Siemon
    • Siemon – Committed to a Higher ESG Standard
  • Sofidel America
    • Sofidel and Suzano’s Amazonia Project
  • TERRAGRN Private Ltd
    • Terragrn’s nature-based solution is creating an agroforest in South Africa
  • Vertical Bridge
    • Vertical Bridge Paves The Way For The Tower Industry With New Programs To Drive Ongoing Carbon Commitments
  • Zurn Elkay Water Solutions
    • The Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Cleaner, Safer and More Responsible Drinking Water Program

​​SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award

This award recognizes innovations that represent game-changing ideas that bring us to a more sustainable future.

The Sustainable Innovation Award winners were:

  • AiDash
    • AiDash — Sustainable Innovation for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Planet
  • Aligned Data Centers
    • Aligned Data Centers liquid cooling innovation, DeltaFlow~
  • Arcadyan Technology Corporation
    • We are dedicated to developing eco-innovative designs to further our commitment to sustainability.
  • Ardagh Glass Packaging
    • NextGen Furnace
  • Beewise
    • BeeHome 4
  • Capgemini
    • Capgemini – Energy Command Center (ECC)
  • dōTERRA
    • doTERRA’s Innovative Cō-Impact Sourcing™ Model
  • Dow Inc
    • DOWSIL™ ACP-3089 Antifoam Compound is an all-in-one solution with more efficient chemicals, better performance & more sustainable option for the pulp industry.
    • SILASTIC™ SST 2650 Self Sealing Silicone is a 2-part ambient curing silicone elastomer is designed to form a self-sealing layer on the inner surface of a tire, providing outstanding sealing performance following puncture allowing driving long distances without loss of tire pressure.
  • DP World
    • BOXBAY
  • Enervee
    • Eco Financing Empowers Cash-Strapped Americans to Buy Efficient Appliances
  • Generate Capital
    • Generate Capital and esVolta
  • GoodLeap
    • GoodLeap – Best-in-class financing and software products for sustainable solutions
  • IperionX
    • Sustainable and Transformative Titanium Production
  • Lenovo
    • Lenovo Intelligent Sustainability Solutions Advisor (LISSA)
  • Merchants Fleet
    • Doing Well, By Doing Good at Merchants Fleet
  • MillerKnoll
    • Designing Out Waste & Material Innovation at MillerKnoll
    • Revolutionising Energy Management with PETRONAS-Virtual Power Plant (PVPP) Technology
    • ASHGHAL Buildings Projects Department (BPD) – Sustainability Initiatives
  • Sephora
    • Sephora – Beauty (Re)Purposed
  • Suzano Papel e Celulose
    • SPINNOVA® fibre
  • Tessellation Group
    • Tessellation – Waterless Dyeing
  • Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.
    • Verde Environmental Technologies, Inc.’s Deterra Household Mailing Campaign
  • ZorroSign, Inc.
    • ZorroSign

SEAL Sustainable Product Award

The SEAL Sustainable Product Award honors innovative and impactful products that are literally “purpose-built”  for a sustainable future

The Sustainable Product Award winners were:

  • Aerospike
    • Aerospike Database
  • AGS Group, Inc.
  • Ansell
    • MICROFLEX 31-103 Compostable Gloves
  • CloudSort
    • The Future of Shipping Containers
  • Daikin Comfort Technologies North America, Inc
    • Daikin ATMOSPHERA: The first single-zone ductless heat pump system in North America with R-32 low Global Warming Refrigerant (GWP)
  • Dow Inc.
    • DOWSIL™ 2080 Resin is suitable to make powder form silicone modified polyester resin, thus improving heat resistance performance, film appearance and durability of powder coating.
    • DOWSIL™ IE-9100 Emulsion enabling durable and sustainable water-repellent outdoor and performance apparel.
    • DOWSIL™ 991 Silicone High Performance Sealant is a low-modulus elastomeric neutral sealant specifically designed to prevent staining of porous substrates such as natural stone and minimize streaking on metal panels and glass to improve building aesthetic performance.
  • Ecore
    • Optimum Sports Surfacing Technology (OSST)
    • Low VOC silicone protection for automotive airbag market
  • Event Network
    • Wearsponsible Apparel Line
  • Excel Dryer, Inc.
    • Excel Dryer: ThinAir® Hand Dryer with Electrostatic HEPA Filtration
  • Excel Dryer, Inc.
    • Excel Dryer: D|VERSE Sink System featuring the XLERATORsync
  • FloWater, a Bluewater Company
    • FloWater Refill Stations
  • Geotab
    • Geotab EV Suitability Assessment: Data-driven Electrification Recommendations
  • Jackery Inc
    • Jackery SG 1000 New Version 100W (Explorer 1000 New Version + 100W mini): The EcoPower Solution for Sustainable Energy Independence
  • K&N Global Filtration
    • K&N Global Filtration: Setting New Standards with the Only Washable, Reusable, Sustainability-Focused Industrial Air Filtration Solutions
  • Kelvin
    • The Cozy™ by Kelvin
  • Lattice Semiconductor
    • Lattice Avant™ FPGA platform
  • Lenovo
    • Lenovo Neptune™ liquid cooling technology
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
    • Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract
  • NaughtOne
    • Pippin Chair, designed by Lucy Kurrein for NaughtOne
  • PathWater
    • PATH
    • Malaysia-Made Graphene-Enhanced Lithium Batteries: An Innovative Sustainable Energy Storage Solutions and A Home-Grown MARVEL
  • Rhodes Pet Science
    • Smart Box Health Monitoring Cat Litter
  • Rönesans Holding & Ballast Nedam West
    • The Jonas Project
    • Sustainable Pigging Innovation Slashes Food Waste, Protects Consumer Health
  • Dow Inc.
    • DOWSIL™ 991 Silicone High Performance Sealant – 
  • Tork, an Essity brand
    • Tork carbon-neutral dispensers
  • Vestel Beyaz Esya San. Tic. A.S.
    • Washing Machine Equipped with Microfiber Filter System

SEAL Sustainable Service Award

The SEAL Sustainable Service Award recognizes innovative services that set a new standard for sustainability.

The Sustainable Service Award winners were:

  • AiDash
    • AiDash — SaaS Solutions for a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Planet
  • Banyan Water
    • Banyan Water’s IoT SaaS
  • Blancco
    • Blancco: going above and beyond to curb the global e-waste crisis and reduce carbon emissions
  • Dubai Municipality
    • Waste Recycle Materials Collection Center-Disabled Friendly- Sustainable Service
  • Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)
    • EICC’s Sustainability Program Step Change
  • EPAM Systems
    • EPAM Systems – The Emissions Digital Platform
  • Green Rebates
    • Green Rebates: Sustainable equipment incentives for horticulture
  • Ingersoll Rand
    • Ingersoll Rand – AI system optimization and Air Systems Assessments
  • Lenovo
    • Lenovo Reduced Carbon Transport Service: A lower-carbon airfreight option that uses SAF credits to deliver IT purchases
  • Palmetto
    • Palmetto: Technology Accelerating the Adoption of Clean Energy
  • Wolters Kluwer
    • Wolters Kluwer Enablon ESG Excellence
  • World Kinect
    • World Kinect – Carbon Footprint Management Program

The 2024 award entry fees were contributed to SEAL’s Impact Campaigns, Environmental Journalism Award, and Environmental Research Grant programs.

For companies interested in entering our 2025 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards, please RSVP below:

Selected Sustainability Award Winner Perspectives:

“Receiving the SEAL Business Sustainability Award is a testament to ZorroSign’s enduring dedication to sustainability,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign. “From our inception, we have been fervently committed to not only reducing paper usage but also to actively contributing to global reforestation efforts. Our initiatives include the innovative Save a Tree/Plant a Tree program, our collaboration with One Tree Planted, and significant contributions to the Plant for the Planet’s Trillion Tree Campaign.”

“As a global organization of our size and reach, Lenovo has the opportunity and responsibility to be driving positive impact.  A sustainable future with tech requires us all to foster innovation and promote initiatives that will speed up the transition to a circular economy.  This recognition is both humbling and motivating to keep driving actions with purpose.” – Claudia Contreras, Executive Director Global Sustainability Services, Lenovo

“We are proud to be a winner in the Sustainable Service category of the 2024 Business Sustainability Awards, our second time earning this honor,” said Jon Mellon, President of Global Sales, Marketing and Field Operations at Blancco. “Being recognized as an ESG leader validates one of our core values: to act as environmental stewards and safeguard the future of our planet by eliminating processes and practices that are unsustainable. The UN’s 2024 Global E-waste Monitor revealed that a record 62 billion KG of e-waste was produced in 2022 with e-waste generation outpacing formal recycling by 5x. Strong e-waste reforms and new strategies to circumvent challenges arising from inadequate formal recycling of IT equipment and devices must become a top priority. Blancco’s certifiable data erasure processes and solutions enable organizations to reuse more equipment, eliminating the need in many cases for physical destruction of operational assets holding sensitive data. The data management best practices Blancco has been advocates of for 27 years also help organizations decrease their carbon footprint from reduced energy consumption stemming from data storage. Furthermore, as a firm believer in the circular economy, Blancco partners with charitable organizations such as The Turing Trust, which enables businesses to donate devices, including laptops and computers, for repair, refurbishment and redistribution to schools in sub-Saharan Africa. “Across our customers and partners to date, we’ve seen more than half a billion devices erased and reused, however, we are only at the beginning of our journey of what can be achieved.”

“We are deeply honored to receive the SEAL Business Sustainability Award, a recognition that underscores the transformative potential of our Eco Financing initiative. This innovative approach not only enables cash-strapped Americans to afford energy-efficient appliances, but also actively contributes to a healthier planet by reducing energy consumption and emissions. At Enervee, we believe that financial barriers shouldn’t prevent anyone from making sustainable choices. This award fuels our commitment to make energy-efficient options accessible to all, ultimately helping to shape a more sustainable future for our communities and the environment.” — Matthias Kurwig, Cofounder & CEO, Enervee

“It is with gratefulness and a deep sense of responsibility that we accept the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Award for our environmental initiatives. Leading sustainably isn’t just a concept—it’s a core value woven into all our businesses and functions. As we strive for a more resilient future, our commitment goes beyond reducing our footprint; we are dedicated to helping our customers on their sustainability journey, ensuring that as we grow, we do so with the environment in mind. Together, we are ‘Making Life Better’ for our employees, customers, shareholders and the planet.” – Mary Betsch, VP Sustainability at Ingersoll Rand, Inc.

“Arcadyan accepts this honour. The receipt of this Environmental Advocacy Award not only validates the efforts of our team but also recognizes our commitment to environmental sustainability. At Arcadyan, we have consistently integrated environmental principles into our business. This is evident in our efforts towards energy conservation and emission reduction in product design and our relentless pursuit of sustainable development within our company. This award is a testament to our ongoing efforts and commitment to the future. We will continue to contribute to environmental conservation efforts and strive towards building a better future. Finally, I would like to express gratitude to the judges for their recognition of our work, as well as to all our partners and customers who have supported us. This award will inspire us to work even harder, steadfastly advancing environmental conservation. Thanks!”Arcadyan Green Team.

“Receiving the Sustainable Innovation Award for our NextGen Furnace recognises the industry-changing impact of this breakthrough technology on decarbonising the glass manufacturing process. It is a testament to the hard work of our team and industry partners who have brought this incredible innovation to life.” – Annelene Ikemann, Sustainability Director, Ardagh Glass Packaging-Europe.

“The Ecore Athletic brand is rooted in our commitment to offering high performance products that contribute positively to both people and the environment,” said Rich Willett, President of Flooring and Industrial at Ecore. “Winning the Sustainable Product Award for Optimum Sports Surfacing Technology (OSST) underscores our dedication to providing innovative and sustainable solutions. OSST products redefine the athletic experience, empowering athletes to reach new heights with the highest quality athletic surfacing for both indoor and outdoor tracks and sports courts as well as indoor fitness applications.”

“We are honored to receive the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award, which strongly aligns with our focus on People, Innovation, Sustainability, and Excellence. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing environmental challenges and promoting responsible growth across our diverse collection of constantly evolving businesses. Waterless Dyeing Technology of ECOHUES™ in particular, is representative of our dedication to reshaping traditional industry practices towards a greener and better future.  We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the SEAL Awards for acknowledging our efforts to excellence in sustainability.” – Max Wong, Associate Director, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Tessellation Group

“At EPAM, we understand the influence that businesses have on climate change and the environment we all live in. We are setting ambitious goals to minimize energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize our IT asset waste. We are honored to receive this SEAL Sustainable Product Award for our Emissions Digital Platform which is designed to significantly reduce organizations’ environmental impact by enabling them to precisely track, manage, and reduce their carbon footprint. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing efforts to providing next-generation tech solutions and creating more sustainable future for the planet and the people.”

“We are honored to receive the SEAL Environmental Initiative Award for our efforts in recycling excavation and construction materials in Qatar’s projects. Besides reducing the environmental impact, this initiative also proved to be sustainable for the local economy through involving the private sector and achieving self-sufficiency in this field.” – Ashghal’s Environmental Affairs Team

“We are deeply honored that our Motorola Wuhan Refurbishment Factory has been awarded the prestigious Seal Award. Our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology in both mobile phone and PC refurbishment not only enhances product quality but also significantly expands our production capacity, allowing us to serve an even larger customer base. By doing so, we actively contribute to reducing electronic waste and fostering a circular economy. We envision a future where sustainable practices like ours set the standard for the industry, paving the way for a greener, more eco-conscious world.” – Said Steven Chen, ED of Lenovo, the parent company of, Motorola Wuhan Mobile Communication & Technology Company

“We are thrilled to have received recognition for our commitment to environmental work through the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. This award is a testament to TERRAGRN’s dedication to creating a positive environmental impact on both people and the planet,” said Sundar Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and CEO of TERRAGRN. “From the very beginning, we have been deeply committed to promoting innovation by growing and scaling an agroforest in South Africa. Our goal is to restore degraded lands, sequester carbon, and create a holistic solution for climate resilience, community empowerment, and economic growth. Winning this award only strengthens our sense of responsibility to expand our agroforest as quickly as possible and make a tangible, meaningful and sustainable impact in South Africa and beyond. This is part of our long-term efforts to secure the future of our planet.”

“IperionX is pleased to receive the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award in recognition of bringing domestic titanium production back to the U.S. via our breakthrough sustainable technologies. Low-carbon and low-cost titanium is an important step towards creating a sustainable future for our planet. IperionX is disrupting the titanium supply chain with proprietary technologies with the potential to accelerate the adoption of titanium in more industries by reducing barriers to its use, and the recognition of these technologies by the SEAL Awards team further validates our mission to bring about a Titanium Age.” – Taso Arima, CEO and Co-Founder of IperionX

“The Aerospike database has always been known for its ability to deliver exceptional performance while running on a fraction of the infrastructure of other solutions, resulting in a much lower carbon footprint and reduced all-around costs,” said Subbu Iyer, chief executive officer of Aerospike. “Enterprises are desperately looking to strike a balance between cutting their carbon emissions and keeping pace with the explosion of data driven by AI. “Aerospike is proud of its leadership role in prioritizing sustainable business solutions for customers.”

“SPX FLOW is honored to receive the Sustainable Product Award for our Aseptic Rapid Recovery System innovation, which reduces product waste by 87% in food processing,” said Tracy Beaudry, SPX FLOW Vice President of Enterprise Safety, Quality and Sustainability. “Building a sustainable legacy is at the core of our mission to make every day, Earth Day. Sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey that shapes our operations and solutions, for customers and consumers alike. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and ecosystems affected by waste. It inspires us to keep pushing boundaries and creating products that drive positive change in everyday life.”

“At Hochschild Mining we are immensely proud to accept the SEAL 2024 Environmental Initiative Award. This recognition serves as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and motivates us to continue our journey towards a better world, where sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make.” – Eduardo Landin, CEO at Hochschild Mining

JDL Global is honored to receive the seal award, and we are committed to continuously improving the FMBR technology to minimize the negative impact of water pollution. Our mission is to provide access to clean water by building affordable, highly efficient, environmentally friendly wastewater treatment projects. JDL Global believes in an excellent enterprise built for society and human beings. We will continue investing and contributing to research and innovation in the environmental protection industry, creating a much more sustainable future for the next generations.”

“We’re thrilled to be recognized with the SEAL Sustainable Service Award, surrounded by so many other innovative conservation and sustainability initiatives.  Our IoT SaaS platform has reached a new milestone in saving 5.4 BILLION gallons of water for commercial enterprises with data-driven insights and technology they need to conserve water and maximize asset value.” – Banyan Water

Event Network is honored to receive the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for our new Wearsponsible Apparel line, a testament to our leadership in responsible retail. This initiative reflects our deep commitment to environmental stewardship – a commitment we proudly share with our partners. We are deeply gratified that Wearsponsible is resonating strongly with our guests and across our network of over 100 partnerships. Together, we can make a difference!”

“We are so proud that Tork carbon neutral dispensers were recognized with the prestigious SEAL Sustainable Product Award,” said Matthew Urmanski, Vice President Sales and Marketing NA at Essity. “We recognize our customers’ sustainability ambitions, and as one of the world’s most sustainable companies*, we have integrated sustainability at the core of our business strategy. The award-winning Tork carbon neutral dispensers are just one example of how we help businesses maximize their business performance while minimizing environmental impact.”

“It’s a great honor to be awarded the SEAL Environmental Initiatives Award, Manifa Producing Department (MPD) has provided and implemented creative, innovative solutions and initiatives that balance social, economic, and environmental concerns in a professional manner, using modern technologies and concepts. Manifa, since the design early stages, placed a major focus on the environment and it did not stop there. Where Manifa shows high commitment by continuing its journey to sustain and improve its environment by deploying environmentally friendly technologies and initiatives”.

At ASUS, we advocate that sustainability performance should involve strategic indicators that can be objectively measured. Every decision-making process needs to incorporate environmental and social factors to help keep our competitive advantage focused on sustainability. By setting a systematic carbon reduction strategy and environmental management, we are not only mitigated the possible risks but also seek the new market. Like the consumer and commercial carbon neutrality laptop we launched, presenting how we incorporate the customer needs and sustainability commitment toward a more sustainable future.

“At the EICC, we are committed to delivering impactful events by creating an environment which inspires ideas that change the world. We are delighted to receive a Sustainable Service SEAL Award for our innovative Step Change program, which contains a series of initiatives to reduce our impact on the planet, while enhancing our economic and social contributions. This award reaffirms our commitment to sustainability and motivates us to continue to drive for greater sustainable practices within the events industry.” – Marshall Dallas, Chief Executive at EICC

“At MillerKnoll, we believe that designing beautiful products and spaces also means developing sustainable products. This belief is core to our history and to our purpose today. We continue to develop innovations across the company to design out waste and source better materials. We’re proud to see our work reflected in this SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award and look forward to pushing the boundaries even further,” commented Gabe Wing, Vice President of Sustainability, MillerKnoll

“Sustainability is a critical element of every product we design here at NaughtOne and creating Pippin alongside designer Lucy Kurrein represented a pivotal moment in our journey of designing circular products,” commented Nadean McNaught, Managing Director, NaughtOne. “Pippin is the ideal long-lasting, stylish chair – truly unique with its zip-on, zip-off cover and lack of glue and staples – and we’re so delighted to see it recognised with this SEAL Sustainable Product Award.”

“CloudSort is honored to be recognized in the Business Sustainability Award category by the SEAL Awards,” said Derek Szopa, CEO of CloudSort®.  “We recognize that supply chain leaders are increasingly motivated to reduce environmental damage from cardboard while improving economic outcomes.  The SEAL Sustainable Product Award for CloudSort reusable pallet containers recognizes our ongoing effort to help our clients turn their sustainability ambitions into action.”

“We are sincerely honored to be recognized by the SEAL awards with Washing Machine Equipped with Microfiber Filter System. The increase in unconscious and excessive use of plastic causes plastic waste to accumulate in our oceans and easily enter the food chain, and as a result, negatively affects human health. Through the implementation of our innovative washing machine equipped with microfiber filtration technology, we have actively mitigated global pollution, lessening its detrimental effects on all organisms, particularly humans. Additionally, our user-friendly design has raised awareness among consumers about this issue, encouraging them to prioritize environmental concerns in their everyday routines. Being aware of the great impact of unconscious plastic consumption and plastic pollution on the world, we consider it our duty to fulfill our responsibility in this regard with determination and enthusiasm.” – Vestel

“At GoodLeap, we’re dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that benefit our world today and safeguard it for tomorrow. Winning the SEAL Business Award for Sustainability validates our belief that every stride toward creating a healthy and lasting planet is significant. We’re honored to receive this recognition and remain steadfast in our commitment to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for all.” – Julia Pyper, Vice President of Public Affairs, at GoodLeap

“It’s an honor to be recognized by SEAL with the Sustainable Innovation Award for our work to save bees using AI and robotics. Here at Beewise, we believe that nothing short of major disruption will be sufficient to turn the tide on colony loss rates and, in turn, secure the global food supply.” – Saar Safra, Beewise Co-Founder and CEO

“We are honored to receive the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for our new product SiLASTIC™ SST 2650 recognizing our commitment to sustainable product development. The new silicone sealant technology is designed to form a self-sealing layer on the inner surface of a tire. It provides outstanding sealing performance following puncture, allowing driving long distances without loss of tire pressure. SiLASTIC™ Self-sealing Silicone sealants can be separated from tires and efficiently removed at the end of life, enabling further recyclability of both tires and the silicone. Meanwhile, it also removes the need for spare tires, thus reducing vehicle weight, improving vehicle range and fuel efficiency, and enabling more design freedom.”   – Jeroen Bello, Global Marketing Director for Mobility and Transportation at Dow

“At the Reynolds American companies, we are doing our part in preserving precious natural resources and this SEAL recognition underscores our long-term commitment to environmental sustainability. Through the Reynolds WaterHub, in partnership with NextEra Energy Resources, our goal is to reclaim more than 60 million gallons of water per year at our largest manufacturing center, aiming to reduce the Reynolds American companies’ environmental footprint and conserve water in North Carolina’s Forsyth County.” – Bernd Meyer, Executive Vice President, Operations, within the Reynolds American Inc. group of companies

“Humanscale is honored to receive the 2024 SEAL Environmental Initiatives Award and our fourth recognition by SEAL since 2019. As a certified B Corporation, Humanscale has pioneered sustainability efforts across the commercial furniture industry for multiple decades, guided by the principle that ‘less bad is not good enough’. The Ocean collection, the first seating collection made from reclaimed ocean and ocean-bound plastic, is a testament to our commitment to inspire real, positive change for the future of our planet.”  – Jane Abernethy, Chief Sustainability Officer of Humanscale

“We’re proud to be a partner to the Oahu Community, Hawaiian Electric and our Navy land host to develop and build this large-scale solar and battery energy storage project. This project brings critical clean energy to the island and we are excited to see this work now being recognized. Our recent Kūpono Solar Project has received the Environmental Initiatives Award recognizing efforts to diversify Hawaii’s overall energy sources with solar and energy storage technology. We look forward to future work supplying localized sources of clean energy where residents need it most.” — Nicole Bulgarino, Executive Vice President, Ameresco

“I am immensely proud of our team’s achievements in delivering impactful innovation with sustainability benefits as recognized by the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards,” said Mukund Parthasarathy, Vice President of Research & Development for Performance Materials & Coatings. “Each of these high-performing products and solutions is driving significant value creation in their respective markets, aligning with Dow‘s ambition to lead as the world’s most innovative, customer-centric, inclusive, and sustainable materials science company. We remain committed to innovating with our customers and value chain partners, leveraging our expertise to address their needs and collaboratively shape a more sustainable future.”

“We are honored to be receiving the SEAL Sustainable Product Award recognizing Smart Box Litter’s commitment towards a more sustainable future. At Rhodes Pet Science we are reimagining the future of pet care, for pets and their people. Smart Box Health Monitoring Cat Litter is the world’s first and only health monitoring cat litter in a natural substrate. We are proud of the company commitment to blend innovation and sustainability to forge a better, healthier future for our pets and our planet.” – Anna Tompkins, Global Head of Marketing, Rhodes Pet Science

Mountain Rose Herbs, an independently owned, certified organic Oregon Benefit company, is honored to be recognized with the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Awards for our Forest Grown American Ginseng Whole Plant Extract for the SEAL Sustainable Product Award. This extract is a labor of love and comes from a unique partnership between Mountain Rose Herbs, United Plant Savers, the PCO Forest Grown Verification Program, and dedicated herb growers in Appalachia. Due to the decline of American ginseng and other wild forest botanicals, this program was created to encourage conservation through cultivation. This groundbreaking project allows us to work with organically grown ginseng that is nurtured in its native woodland habitat. The roots and leaves are sustainably harvested from private forests that are stewarded by farmers dedicated to preserving this important plant for the future. We are beyond proud that the specialized forest farming practices that we have supported for years have brought about new possibilities for the future of ginseng. Now we can offer an organically grown, sustainably harvested North American ginseng that is farmed in a way that does not damage the environment or the wild plant populations—and we know that the entire supply chain, starting at the source, is traceable and built on transparency.”

“We are delighted that SPINNOVA® fibre, manufactured by Woodspin using Suzano’s eucalyptus-based MFC, has won in the Sustainable Innovation category at this year’s SEAL Business Sustainability Awards. This award is a testament to the positive impact that a collaborative approach can make on the progression of our sustainability goals, and Suzano and Spinnova’s fruitful partnership will continue to drive innovative solutions in the textiles industry.” – Spinnova and Suzano

“Aligned Data Centers is honored to receive the prestigious SEAL Award for Sustainable Innovation for the second year running. This recognition reinforces Aligned’s unwavering commitment to sustainable and efficient data center solutions, exemplified by its innovative DeltaFlow~ liquid cooling technology.  DeltaFlow~ empowers customers to scale their data centers sustainably, supporting next-generation applications like AI and high-performance computing with exceptional efficiency. Aligned remains dedicated to collaborating with customers, partners, and suppliers to design and build sustainable data centers for the ever-evolving needs of the future.” – Andrew Schaap, CEO, Aligned Data Centers

“We’re incredibly proud to be to be recognised with the 2024 SEAL Business Sustainability Award in the Environmental Initiatives category for our onboard recycling efforts,” said Carrie Harris, Director of Sustainability, at British Airways. “We’re continuing to work with our partners to unlock innovative solutions to reduce waste and recycle wherever possible as part of our BA Better World sustainability programme. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our sustainability journey so far, and special thanks to our amazing cabin crew for their passion and dedication driving our onboard recycling initiatives.”

“Receiving these SEAL Business Awards is a testament to Ashghal’s Building Projects Departments enduring dedication to sustainability. From the very beginning, our department has been fervently committed not only to pioneering the use of recycled construction materials but also to integrating sustainability into every facet of our projects. Our initiatives, including the innovative practices in recycling and sustainability, reflect our broader commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible construction practices. We are proud to be recognized at the SEAL Business Awards, which underscores our role as leaders in environmental sustainability within the construction industry. Being acknowledged as a leader in this arena validates one of our core values: to act as environmental stewards and to safeguard the future of our planet by eliminating practices that are unsustainable.” Eng. Jaralla Mohammed S A Al-Marri.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive the Sustainable Product Award from the SEAL Awards. BIOPURE MM1 is a testament to our continued dedication and unwavering belief in providing innovative plant-based solutions that have a transformative impact. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the SEAL Awards for recognizing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.” – AGS Group, Inc

“We are honored to receive the SEAL Sustainable Product Award for our brand-new coating product, which helps to improve the long-term performance of vehicle airbags while significantly reducing VOC emissions.” said David Mariot, PhD, Elkem Research & Technology Global Leader for Specialty Elastomers.

“We are honored to receive the SEAL Sustainable Service Award and this recognition of our innovations and leadership in the clean energy industry. We believe that climate change cannot be stopped unless we achieve a massive transformation of our energy grid to renewable sources like solar, and that technology is the driver of scale in accelerating this transition.” –  Chris Kemper, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Palmetto

“We are honoured to receive the Environmental Initiatives Award and the Sustainable Innovation Award at this year’s SEAL Awards. Winning the Environmental Initiatives Award for our work at DP World Santos in Brazil, where we’ve achieved the feat of reusing 100% of the waste generated at the port, underscores DP World’s commitment to the responsible management of its waste through adopting circular economy principles and smart design. Additionally, being recognised with the SEAL Sustainable Innovation Award for our BOXBAY technology is a testament to our dedication to revolutionising container port logistics for greater efficiency and sustainability.” – Maha Al Qattan, Group Chief Sustainability Officer at DP World.



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