Eighteen Leaders Recognized As 2023 SEAL Sustainability Leader Award Winners  

Eighteen Leaders Recognized As 2023 SEAL Sustainability Leader Award Winners  

April 10, 2023 – SEAL has announced the eighteen winners of its 2023 Sustainability Leadership Awards, an ESG leadership award honoring the top executive leaders in Sustainability, EHS, and CSR.

“Sustainability professionals face a difficult task of driving meaningful impact despite having limited resources and headcount,” commented Arabella Solaybar, Executive Producer of SEAL Awards. “The strong nominations our 2023 award recipients received reflect the high standard of excellence in ESG leadership today.”

Driven by a record number of peer/employee nominations, the 2023 Sustainability Leader Award Winners were selected based on their track record of achieving ESG goals, leadership skills, and ability to attract and retain talent.

Additionally, Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)-like data points were incorporated along with each executive’s specific accomplishments.



“Tikkun Olam, ‘repairing of the world’ in Hebrew, is a concept in Judaism, which refers to various forms of action intended to repair and improve the world for all humans. This have been the core vision behind Hargol FoodTech I established 8 year ago. Over the past 8 year I led Hargol FoodTech to become a global leader in delivering a better protein source to feed the world: A healthier, more sustainable, more affordable and delicious nutrient rich complete protein from locust. Myself and the entire team of Hargol are honored and humbled to receive SEAL Sustainability Leader Award and will utilize this recognition to promote our activity to populations all over the globe ensuring food security, better health with minimal environmental impact.”

“It takes a dedicated team to light the fire of true impact. Kontoor’s sustainability and innovation team are the unsung heroes who fuel our progress towards a better future. This award is a tribute to their unwavering commitment and spirit. Together, we will continue to advance impact and create meaningful change in the world.” — Dhruv Agarwal, Vice President – Sustainability, Innovation, Development, at Kontoor Brands

“At SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, we are thrilled to receive this award for our efforts over the past 6 years helping to clean our oceans and give a second life to used plastic. Our vision has always been “Together for a clean ocean”, which encompasses social and sustainable values, said François Devy, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE’s Operational Director. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique ecosystem which enables brands and industry to help us clean our oceans while raising awareness about this issue and its solutions.”

“Sustainability is a broad term but, within this industry, I’m most excited by the global shift towards circular, socially responsible, and regenerative materials. I’m passionate about the impact buyer power has on the adoption of those materials in end products. To that end, climate action has an incredible intersection between social justice and protecting the environment, while creating economically viable solutions for both.” Madison Savilow, Chief of Staff at Carbon Upcycling Technologies

“I am honored to work in the sustainability field and for a company where collaboration and inclusion are valued in order to serve as a champion for our communities and the planet. Collectively we can achieve a more sustainable and equitable future when we magnify our impact together.” Sharon Vidal, Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility at Illumina

“Companies are increasingly turning to us to help them meet their sustainability goals and keep the furniture and other workplace assets they no longer need in circulation,” said Dale Ewing, founder of Installnet. “Our Ecoserv program has diverted almost 39 million pound of workplace waste from landfill since 2012, by selling it, recycling it or donating it.”

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