SEAL Research Grants – Opening Announcement

SEAL Research Grants – Opening Announcement

April 18, 2017 –  The SEAL Awards has opened the application process for the inaugural SEAL Research Grants for the Environment.

Our research funding is available to graduate students (both master’s and PhD students) and postdocs working on advancing environmental policy or the public’s understanding of an environmental issue.  Grants will be available in amounts up to $5,000.   Further details are available in our grant application form.  

In order to maximize the visibility of the grant program among environmental researchers, the SEAL Awards partnered with Instrumentl, a Y Combinator backed grant funding and application platform, to manage the application process.

The SEAL Awards will announce the inaugural grantees in July.


Our environmental progress requires true leadership.  The SEAL Awards honor leaders in sustainability.

As an advocate for environmental solutions, the SEAL (representing Sustainability, Environmental Achievement and Leadership) Awards mission is fulfilled through 3 areas:  (1) Business Sustainability Awards, (2) Environmental Journalism Awards, and (3) Environmental Research Grants.