2018 Environmental Journalism Award Winners Announced

Environmental Journalism Award Winners 2018

2018 Environmental Journalism Award Winners Announced

November 12, 2018 – With our environmental crisis an existential societal issue, twelve journalists have been awarded a 2018 SEAL Environmental Journalism Award, celebrating their work in documenting climate change impacts and solutions.

Honorees include four repeat winners: Brad Plumer of New York Times, Chris Mooney of Washington Post, Damian Carrington of The Guardian, and Dave Roberts of Vox.

First-time SEAL Environmental Journalism Award recipients include Alexander C. Kaufman of Huffington Post, Hiroko Tabuchi of New York Times, James Munson of Bloomberg, Jonathan Watts of The Guardian, Julie Cart of CALmatters, Megan Geuss of Ars Technica, Nathanael Johnson of Grist, and Stephen Leahy, a contributor to National Geographic and Vice.

“Like never before in history, journalism and journalists are expected to act and shape the global narrative in a world that we need to develop, protect and respect,” commented awards chairperson Sasja Beslik, Head of Group Sustainable Finance at Nordea. “The free speech and basic democratic rights are under huge pressure across the world. Supporting thorough, fact-based journalism is not only necessary it is an obligation for any democratic society in the world.”

“Environmental journalism matters now more than ever,” added Matt Harney, Founder of the SEAL Awards. “Our own research has shown how challenging it is to get the public to pay attention to environmental issues. Environmental journalists’ hard work of translating complex scientific research and policy developments into digestible writing is grossly under-appreciated. This needs to change. We want to reward journalistic excellence and leadership and encourage even more coverage of climate change.”

With all writers covering the environment eligible and under consideration, winners were selected based on a panel review of each author’s work, peer nominations, and were chosen based on alignment with timely environmental topics and issues. The 2018 SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards were chaired by Sasja Beslik, Head of Group Sustainable Finance at Nordea and an internationally recognized sustainability thought leader.


Brad Plumer – New York Times@bradplumer – Featured Articles

Chris Mooney – Washington Post@chriscmooney – Featured Articles

Damian Carrington – The Guardian@dpcarrington – Featured Articles

Dave Roberts – Vox@drvox‏ Featured Articles

Alexander C. Kaufman – Huffington Post@AlexCKaufman ‏ – Featured Articles

Hiroko Tabuchi – New York Times@HirokoTabuchi – Featured Articles

James Munson – Bloomberg Environment@james_munson – Featured Articles

Jonathan Watts – The Guardian@jonathanwattsFeatured Articles

Julie Cart – CALmatters@julie_cart – Featured Articles

Megan Geuss – Ars Technica@MeganGeuss – Featured Articles

Nathanael Johnson – Grist@SavorTooth – Featured Articles

Stephen Leahy – National Geographic and Vice@StephenLeahy – Featured Articles

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