What Will Your Legacy be?

Securing the future of our planet for generations to come is a monumental challenge that requires collective effort, innovation and above all – visionary leadership. The SEAL Awards celebrate the companies and leaders across the globe that make measurable contributions to sustainability, and develop innovative initiatives that will positively impact the environment for centuries to come.

Honoring Real Progress

Each year, the SEAL Awards recognize (a) the 50 Most Sustainable Companies in the World and (b) the most impactful and innovative Environmental Initiatives

Accountability Through Recognition

Our core beliefs maintain that environmental progress requires true leadership, leadership deserves recognition, and recognition is a form of accountability.


The SEAL Business Sustainability Awards honor companies committed to driving true progress towards a lasting, healthy planet.

Our Business Sustainability Award Winners

These representative past winners highlight the selectivity of our sustainability awards process

Our Organizational Pillars

Complementing our corporate sustainability awards, SEAL strives to contribute by championing environmental journalism, funding environmental research, and taking on our own impact campaigns

Our Environmental Research Grants

Funded by our business sustainability award application fees and our founder, our grants target high potential early-career researchers

Our Environmental Journalism Awards

Our environmental journalism award winners represent the best of their critical field.

Our Impact Campaigns

Leveraging our network and entrepreneurial approach, we selectively take on ambitious impact campaigns – like publicly calling on Yelp to better highlight sustainable restaurants – to drive change ourselves

Our Team + Expert Judges

Matt Harney

SEAL Awards Founder

Safa Bee

SEAL Awards Impact Lead

Arabella Solaybar

SEAL Awards Event Producer

Hala Kilani

Hala Kilani

Senior Communications Officer, Climate Action Network

2021 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Emily Wasley 2020 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Emily Wasley

Head of Resilience & Biodiversity, Meta

2020 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Dr. Jonathan Foley

Executive Director, Project Drawdown

2019 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Sasja Beslik

Head of Sustainable Finance Development, Bank J. Safra Sarasin

2018 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Bruno Sarda

President – North America, CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)

2017 Environmental Journalism Award Chair

Business Sustainability Award Judging Panel Examples


Business Award Judging Panel

A diverse group of sustainability leaders from top companies – like AMD, Illumina, and Micron – evaluate our corporate award applications


Environmental Impact Team

With our entrepreneurial culture and bias for action, our Impact Internship program provides rising talent an opportunity to develop while actively contributing to our Impact campaign execution.